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The summer is struggling to make an appearance in my neck of the woods right now, but it is definitely time to start planning our summer crochet projects. It can be tricky choosing what to make as there is so much choice out there, so I’ve put together a collection of 30 of the best summer crochet patterns for 2024 to make it easier.

This roundup features all sorts of different summer crochet patterns, from bags to hats, to garments and outdoor dining accessories. There’s even a head scarf or two!

These patterns are at a variety of different levels, but most will be suitable for beginner to intermediate crocheters.

If you see a pattern you’d like to have a go at, make sure that you pin this roundup to keep it safe!

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This post may contain affiliate links – please see my privacy and disclosure policy for details.

What kind of projects can I crochet in summer?

Crocheting in the summer is very different to other seasons. In winter, you’ll want cosy, thick projects that can keep you warm as you work but that is certainly not ideal for the summer months. You really don’t want to be feeling all hot while you’re trying to relax and crochet.

For your summer crochet projects, think of garments like lightweight tees, beach coverups, and strappy tops. Think of sunhats, beach bags, outdoor coasters or water bottle holders. There are so many options when you start to think about it and I’m sharing some of the best summer crochet patterns for 2024 here to get those creative juices flowing.

Can I crochet when I’m on holiday?


Many people do find that they crochet less in the summer. They are outside more, heading to parks and beaches, gardens and pools. But that certainly doesn’t mean you should stop crocheting!

The majority of the projects included below are small, lightweight and easy to transport. So take your crochet with you, whether you’re headed to the local park or hopping on a plane to sunnier climes. I’d love to see lots of photos of people crocheting all over the place this summer! Let’s make it happen!

How do I choose the right summer crochet pattern?

Choosing a pattern to make is a very personal thing. It largely comes down to what you feel like making. You have to love it, otherwise there is a risk you won’t enjoy making it and may not even finish it! Think about who you are making it for too!

If the crocheted item is for yourself, imagine when and where will you plan on using it? If it’s for someone else, can you imagine them liking and wanting to use it?

You also need to choose a pattern that is right for your skill level and experience. I’ve added the skill level and main stitches used to all the patterns to save you having to open each pattern to find out if they are right for you.

It is good to try new stitches, but be careful not to put yourself too far outside your comfort zone, otherwise you will risk not being able to finish it!

What yarn should I use for summer crochet?

Your yarn choice will normally be different in the summer compared to winter. Thick bulky wool is likely to be too hot and itchy to work with for very long when it’s warm! And so, you’ll want to be thinking about lighter weight yarns, such as sport or fingering weight. If you’re not sure about the different weights of yarn, I have a handy yarn weight chart you can use.

Lots of people gravitate towards cotton in the warmer months, and this is a great choice. It’s lovely to wear when it’s warmer and also easier to work with when you don’t want your project making you all hot and bothered. I am really enjoying We Crochet Comfy Sport at the moment, which is a 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Acrylic yarn.

Obviously, if you are following a pattern like the ones below, you’ll be given a yarn recommendation, and you will probably want to follow this, or else find a suitable substitute in order to match the gauge.

Working a gauge swatch is going to be very important if you are using a different yarn. You may need to adjust by changing hook size to get to the correct crochet gauge.

I’ve added the information about the recommended yarns and yarn weight with each pattern for you to look at quickly whilst selecting your pattern.

Crochet hooks

The pattern will let you know the crochet hook size that the designer recommends. However, once you have worked a gauge swatch with the yarn you plan on using, you can always adjust your hook size accordingly.

Other supplies

The other essentials you might need while making some of these patterns are:

The 30 best summer crochet patterns for 2024

Take your time choosing the pattern you would like from the ones below. As I’ve said, the pattern needs to be something you will enjoy making and using afterwards!

All of the patterns are free to view on the designer’s blog which is a great way to read through and try out a pattern without committing any money.

Once you have chosen one (or more), there is the option to buy the premium pdf download, which you can then save and print off. This is great for writing notes on and keeping track of where you are. It also means you’ll have the pattern for the future, if you want to make it again!

Let's Dive in now and check out the Best Summer Crochet Patterns for 2024!

Hats & Headwear



Homewares & Accessories


So which one did you choose? It’s a really hard decision, they are all so beautiful! I really hope you found the perfect thing to make. Please share them with me in the HanJan Crochet Facebook group or on Instagram – tag #hanjancrochet.

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