Using Colour in Crochet –

A complete online course to find YOUR confidence with colour

The ultimate way to discover, explore and understand colour so that you can confidently use it in every project!

Do you wish you could find the perfect colour combinations for your projects every single time?

I’m here to Help and take the mystery out of choosing colours!

No more wasting money on yarn colours that don’t work together

No more precious time spent worrying about how to balance the colours within a project

No more abandoned projects because the colours feel wrong

Find your colours. Find your confidence.

It’s time to invest in your understanding of the fundamentals of colour so that you can plan and create a winning combination each and every time. 

With a focus on blankets we can use the same knowledge and principles to plan ANY project your heart desires

Discover all of this!

Colour Theory and how to use it in crochet

Do you feel overwhelmed by choosing colours for your crochet?

You are most certainly NOT ALONE!

Figuring out how to choose colours can be a task that people often dread.

That’s why I’ve created Using Colour in Crochet – a huge resource that will help you get not only get your colours but your yarn choice, colour sequence and technique right too!

Transform the way you use colour in blankets and so much more!

From this….

  • spend a fortune on random yarn colours
  • get halfway through a project only to find the combination doesn’t look right
  • don’t try new colourwork techniques because they look too tricky
  • search endlessly for the perfect pattern to work with your colours

to this!

  • confidently purchase the right yarn from the start
  • plan your projects with ease to make sure the colours work before you begin
  • understand and learn new colourwork techniques (they’re not as tricky as they look!)
  • easily find the patterns that you really want to make!
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Hey, I’m Hannah!

I have been designing crochet patterns for over a decade and have always adored experimenting with colour in crochet. It wasn’t until recently that I realised that this is something that lots of people are really nervous about!

What if the combination doesn’t work? What if the balance is off? How do I choose complimentary colours for my decor? How do I know if they will clash? What are the rules for colours? Do I have to follow them?!

So many questions and so difficult to get it right!

I know that for many this has been a stumbling block to even starting a crochet project. Finding the courage to try out a combination of colours or indeed a colourwork technique can be so daunting!

Well, I’m here to help get it all figured out and give you the confidence to choose and then use any colours you like.


Using Colour in

Crochet script text.

1. Online Video and Written Course

Join me for 9 Modules including 30 lessons to cover everything from colour theory to yarn choice, colourwork techniques to blanket planning

2. Course Ebook, Workbook and Downloads

Download, print and keep your comprehensive course Ebook and Workbook to use on the go. Print as many planner pages as you need!

3. Interactive Workbook and Planners

With full video instructions create your own version of the workbook to digitally add your colours, pictures and yarn inspiration to plan like never before!

Crochet script text.

blankets and more!

Why are we focussing on blankets?

Colour theory and crochet techniques is such a vast topic that I thought it best to narrow our projects down for now!

You can of course apply all of these principles and ideas to ANY crochet project that you like. In fact, I can’t wait to hear what you try them out on 🙂

For now though, blankets are the perfect place to demonstrate how all the theory and techniques work to combine colours and stitches.

Complete Course Contents

Let’s take a deep dive and see exactly what’s included in the course, Ebook and Workbook!

Click on each section below to discover what you’ll find in the course…

Lesson 1: Join me, Hannah, to discover what has driven me to create this course and what I hope it will empower you to do (hint it’s to save you money, time, frustration and stress by supporting you to choose the right colours in the right yarn for every project you make!)

Lesson 2: How to get the most from the course – let me guide you through how to use the online course, Ebook and Workbook with ease.

Lesson 1: Download your Ebook and Workbook ready to get going with the course.

Lesson 2: Interactive Workbook Demonstration – I’ll show you how to use the workbook template to digitally create any colour combination you can dream of!

Lesson 1: Introduction to Colour theory – what is it and what does it do?

Lesson 2: Principles of Colour Theory – what are the options for creating colour schemes?

Lesson 3: Understanding Colour Schemes – let’s explore the schemes from monochromatic to tetradic. What are they and how can you use them in your crochet?

Lesson 4: More About Each Scheme – how do they work and what are each of them good to use for?

Lesson 5: Adding Light and Shade – what happens when we change the hue and chroma of a colour? How can we use that to create awesome colour schemes?

Lesson 6: Planning and Inspiration – time to consider how to put the theory into practice. What do we need to think about when planning crochet projects (we focus on blankets in the course) and where do we find inspiration?

Lesson 7: Balancing Colours – with a colour combination decided, how do you balance the colours to get them just right? Let’s work through an example together and then you can get planning your own creations in the Workbook!

Lesson 1: The Best Yarn for Blankets – exploring exactly what it is you need to consider when searching for the perfect yarn.

Lesson 2: Substituting Yarn for Colourful Projects – you’ve found the perfect pattern but want to use a different yarn – join me to find out how!

Lesson 3: Shopping Your Yarn Stash! – find out the best way to ‘shop your stash’ to save money, clear space and create something beautiful.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Techniques – join me to discover some of the amazing colourwork options in crochet, find out how they work in blankets and break down the barriers to trying them – they are not as tricky as they might seem!

Lesson 2: Stripes and Blocks – find inspiration, ideas and techniques to try with stunning stripes and blocks.

Lesson 3: Striking Colours and Accents – become confident in using bold colour combinations and discover what it takes to get the feel and impact right.

Lesson 4: Motif Blankets – not only do you need to plan the colours but also the sequence in motif blankets. How do you do plan the layout? Let’s do it together and then you can use the interactive Workbook to plan any you like!

Lesson 5: Sampler Blankets – how do you get the balance of colours just right in blankets with oodles of colours and stitches? Let’s discover it together.

Lesson 6: Mosaic Crochet; Overlay and Inset – find out just how easy these amazing techniques are, what the difference is and which you should try first!

Lesson 7: Mosaic Crochet; Chart Reading and Colours – conquer one of the biggest barriers to this and most colourwork techniques – chart reading!

Lesson 8: Corner to Corner Crochet – discover a world of crochet pictures and colours brought to life in this amazing technique.

Lesson 9: Tapestry and Fair Isle – what are the differences between Tapestry and Fair Isle and just what does that mean for using colour in crochet? Let’s find out!

Lesson 10: Intarsia – what is it and how do you do it? Packed with top tips for success for this tricky looking technique.

What is Colour Theory to You? – no wrong answers here! It means different things to different people and might change once you take the course!

Colour Theory Quiz – what works and most importantly WHY does it work for YOU?

Your Favourite Colours – discover what colours you gravitate towards and how to adapt them to your crochet projects.

Create Your Schemes – use your favourite colours to plan, assess, tweak and finalise colour schemes with the process that I use for every single project. I’ll teach you how to save HOURS of your time with this easy exercise (plus it’s fun too!).

Inspiration Schemes – learn how to use any kind of image or idea to create a brand new, harmonious scheme.

Matching Yarn to a Scheme – follow my process to find the very best match of yarn for your scheme. No more guess work, no more frustration!

Finding Your Yarns – a simple tool to figure out the best balance of fibre, budget and colour choice.

Yarn Stash Challenge – let’s sort that stash! Use my planner to see exactly what you already have and what colours you can use for which project.

Blanket Project Planner – use this interactive planner to easily figure out what exactly your vision is for your blanket in terms of colour, feeling, yarn and more!

Simple Stripe Blanket Planner – use interactively or with pen and paper to plan out those stripes!

Motif Blanket Planner – squares or hexagons? Let’s get those blankets planned too.

Yarn Shade Cards – use these handy shade cards to add your favourite yarn lines and have each colour at your fingertips to try out any scheme you can dream of!

Bonus 1: top tips and secrets from HanJan – find out what I use for every single design process in terms of colour!

Bonus 2: 9 Colourful Blanket Patterns Ebook – bursting with colour these blankets are the perfect place to start testing out your colour schemes (retails at $15).

Bonus 3: 75% off a HanJan course! – enjoy 75% off a selected HanJan course that, you guessed it, involves colour! (worth over $37!)

The ultimate crochet course to understand, explore and plan for success with colour!

Everything at your fingertips. Forever.

Let me welcome you to the HanJan Crochet membership area to access your entire online course with LIFETIME access to all the lessons to work through at your own pace.

Download and print

Get stuck into your course Ebook that contains all the information in the lessons and more! Download and print or use on your device to be able to read anywhere and everywhere.

Learn, explore and plan

Use your course Workbook to find out exactly what colour means to you and find the tools to start easily planning colour schemes that REALLY work, match them to yarns that you actually want to work with and create breathtaking designs in minutes.

Plan for every project with ease!

Have endless fun creating colour schemes and designs using the Interactive Workbook on any device! With an easy ‘drag and drop’ format you can add any image or colour to see what works for your ideas and save so much time and worry by making sure your colours work before you even begin!

Join me to learn more about all this!

Combining Colour

  • the basics of colour theory and how it impacts on every yarn choice
  • understanding colour schemes and how to adapt them to suit you
  • colour inspiration and where to find it
  • where to place your colours in your blankets and projects
  • best yarn for colourful crochet
  • substituting a suggested yarn
  • shopping your yarn stash!

Planning Projects

  • colour planning for crochet blankets (that works for any project!)
  • finding your favourite colours
  • creating your colour schemes
  • matching yarn to your scheme
  • simple stripe planner
  • motif blanket planner
  • blanket project planner
  • yarn shade cards – add your favourites for easy colour selection!

Colourwork Techniques

  • discover more about those techniques you’ve been longing to try
  • explore simple ideas for transforming stripes, blocks, motifs and more
  • learn about the principles of mosaic crochet and corner to corner
  • take the mystery out of chart reading for colourwork techniques
  • find a new way to work with colours to create something completely unique

With a focus on blankets we can use the same knowledge and principles to plan ANY project your heart desires

Get ready to…

get back your time

Stop spending countless hours trying to figure out the colours and yarn to use for every project you make.

Did I mention it will be fun too?!

Come and join me to learn find, choose and combine colours in the perfect yarn for each project!

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How will I get to the course and it’s content?

As soon as you order you will be asked to create a login for the HanJan Crochet Members area. Once you login you’ll be able to view the course and access your downloads.

Where do I find the Ebook and Workbook?

The Ebook and Workbook are linked within the course. You’ll find a whole module on where to find them. From there you can download, save and print them on any device that you like.

How long will I have access to the course?

FOREVER! You are purchasing lifetime, unlimited access to the course so that you can work on it anytime you wish at your own pace.

How do I use the interactive workbook?

The interactive workbook might not be like anything you’ve used before but don’t worry! I created a step by step video tutorial within the course to show you how it’s done.

Who can I contact with any questions?

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have – contact me on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Understanding and using colour is a fundamental skill that you can learn and continue to develop at any point in your crochet experience (meaning that even if you’ve been crocheting for years you can still do it too!).

Can I use the knowledge for anything or is it just blankets?

You can use the theory that we learn in the course and apply it to absolutely ANYTHING! Any crochet project, knitting, embroidery, home decor, wedding planning, your wardrobe – anywhere that there is colour, this will all apply 🙂