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6 Heirloom Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

The thing I’ve always loved designing and making is a precious heirloom crochet baby blanket. There’s something so very beautiful about creating a handmade gift for a new baby that makes it feel so very special and heartfelt.

I know that every single crochet baby blanket I’ve ever made has been crocheted with love and excitement for the new arrival. Over the years I’ve created many a colourful and fun crochet blanket pattern but today I’m here to share a collection of more classic crochet blanket patterns with you.

Whether you’re looking for something to suit any decor, neutral to suit any baby gender, or to be as sophisticated and stylish as a newborn royal baby, I’ve got six crochet baby blanket patterns that I hope will do all of that and them some!

3 of the patterns are also available as free patterns on my website but if you’d like an ad-free version of all of them then I’ve created a pattern bundle that saves you 60%! That’s 5 crochet baby blanket patterns for just £4.00! (The Stripe Blanket is available separately on Ravelry too).

Get the heirloom crochet blanket pattern bundle here!

6 crochet baby blankets in white, cream and grey

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Heirloom Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Collection

I really hope you enjoy these crochet baby blankets! I have made all of them countless times and love making them still!

Find the Heirloom Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern bundle here!

Colourful Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

If crochet baby blankets are something you love to make (I mean, who doesn’t?!), then you might enjoy these:

three bright and colourful crochet baby blankets
  1. The Larksfoot Blanket – free pattern and PDF download
  2. Baby Blooms Blanket – paid pattern and yarn kit also available
  3. The Granny Block Blanket – free pattern and PDF download

Quick, Stashbusting Baby Crochet Patterns

three baby beanie hats, a bunny hat, a plain hat and a pumpkin beanie hat
  1. Baby Bunny Hats – free pattern
  2. Slip Stitch Beanie – free pattern
  3. Pumpkin Beanie Hat – free pattern

HanJan Crochet Blanket Kits

I'm so happy to be able to offer everyone the chance to not only get the patterns for my blankets but to get the yarn kits for them too!

Here are just a few of them you might like (lots of them have free PDFs of the pattern that you can download even if you don't purchase the kit!)

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6 classic baby blankets in white, cream and grey
cream crochet beanie hat for winter
Free Crochet Beanie Pattern - The Slip Stitch Beanie
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