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8 Favourite Crochet Headband and Scrunchie Patterns

I just love crochet headband and scrunchie patterns at the moment. There are a few reasons for my love of them:

  1. It’s great to have a few quick crochet projects to have break from larger projects ones.
  2. They are perfect as gifts all year round.
  3. They use up some of my yarn stash that I would never use otherwise!
  4. I have grown my hair again and actually need them!

Not only have headbands, but especially crochet scrunchies, come back into style over the past couple of years, but they have really become great statement accessory pieces!

Today, here on the blog, I am sharing 8 of my favourite crochet headband and scrunchie patterns from not just my personal stash, but also from many talented designers I’m more than lucky to collaborate with!

Within the list below, you’ll see patterns like:

Forest Trail Crochet Headband – a simple and sophisticated headband to wear.

Two-Toned Scrunchies – great fun and prefect to customise with school colours.

Triangular Crochet Headband – a lovely lightweight headband for Spring I think.

Tulip Twist Crochet Headband – a really classic style in a beautiful stitch.

Team Spirit Scrunchie – so frilly and so fun!

Easy AF Crochet Headband – so simple you won’t believe how quick it is to make.

All Tied Up Headband – super simple and really versatile to style.

Crocus Cross Headband – a style to suit everyone with a delicate stitch pattern.

So get ready to scroll through some great designs and if you’d like to give any a try, click the button that says “Find the Pattern Here” to be taken to the coordinating blog post to find out more!

I just know you’re going to love these quick crochet projects!

8 Crochet Headbands and Scrunchies:

Weren’t those just great?! Just perfect for a last minute handmade gift and a great yarn stash buster too!

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8 quick crochet headband and scrunchie patterns shown in a grid.

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Sunday 14th of March 2021

Do you have any patterns for scrunchies using 5 or 6 weight yarn? Or could you tell me how to modify one of these to use bulky yarn?