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14 Best Mosaic Crochet Patterns to Make

Today we are sharing with you a collection of beautiful mosaic crochet patterns from Etsy that should definitely be on your list of things to make!

I am delighted to welcome Kaylan as a guest writer to HanJan Crochet to share her thoughts on this fabulous (and rather addictive!) mosaic crochet technique. If you’ve never tried it then you absolutely must – it’s far easier than it looks!

– Kaylan W –

Guest Writer

Kaylan W. is an aspiring law student, writer, and crochet designer, and clearly needs to make as many hats as she likes to wear. You can find her at @skeleskein on Ravelry for crochet business and @kw_writing on Twitter for all the rest.

balls of yarn with text saying 14 best mosaic crochet patterns on Etsy

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Mosaic Crochet Patterns

Mosaic crochet, despite how complex it looks, only requires a few stitches, two contrasting yarn colors, and some care when it comes to counting.

Although it can be used in a variety of garments, its usage in home decor is especially common.

Please note that because of the different versions of mosaic techniques, not all of these patterns will use the same method.

No matter if you’re just learning mosaic crochet now or have several projects under your belt, here’s a collection of patterns from fourteen different designers to bring a little geometric charm to your household!

Here is our top collection of mosaic crochet patterns you can find on Etsy:

Overall, mosaic crochet just fits in well with home decor. It can create complex patterns that work as blankets, table runners, or even coasters with some of the tile designs.

Now is as good of a time as any to pick up the technique, no matter what your preferred version is!

Which of these are you going to add to your upcoming projects?

Have any other mosaic patterns that caught your eye recently? Feel free to share both!

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