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When you first start crocheting, you discover the classic granny square and it seems like a whole new world of possibilities has opened for you.

They’re simple to make, work up quickly, and just look so classy in any project. And once you read up on how this granny square came about, its ease and flexibility make all the more sense.

But have you yet traversed the domain of solid granny square patterns? Because I’m here to tell you there’s so much more you can be doing with those squares!

I’ve put together this roundup of 10 solid granny square patterns which incorporate all sorts of shapes, motifs, colors, textures, geometries, and more!

Some of them even lead to projects you can make out of them if you’re looking for crochet inspiration.

In my time, I’ve seen our fabulous community of crocheters make marvellous things out of granny squares from afghans, cushion covers, potholders, table runners, and stockings to bags, pumpkins, wreaths, and even entire bedsheets and curtains! Have you ever made a unique piece from granny squares?

10 Solid Granny Square Patterns

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Before starting your next project with one of these amazing solid granny square patterns, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. If you’re worried about your squares not ending up straight or having wonky edges, I’ve got a detailed tutorial which will start you off with the classic square and then dive into how you can make your squares looking nice and sharp.
  2. Be sure to read these patterns through before you decide which one to go for because most of them use basic stitches and teach you new techniques. But if you feel like you might get stuck somewhere, it’s better to figure it out before you start the square rather than midway!
  3. It’s all about experimentation! You might like some textures and other techniques and that’s what makes crochet so fun! You can tailor all of these patterns according to your own preferences.

Now that we’ve gotten that in order, scroll on down to see all 10 patterns and click the button that says “Find the Pattern Here” to view the blog post with all of the information about that specific pattern! Enjoy!

10 Solid Granny Square Patterns

How awesome are these patterns? And they’re all free too!

Crocheters just love spreading the joy of great patterns to everyone. Which one will you be using in your next project? I challenge you to give one (or many!) a try and share it with us on social media by tagging me @hanjancrochet AND the designer so we can enjoy your beautiful creation!

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