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Easy Crochet Braid Stitch Tutorial with Video

Learning how to work a crochet braid isn’t just great for hairstyles, it’s amazing to do with yarn too! Using just a row of simple long crochet stitches and a twist at the beginning, you can create the most beautiful texture to add to your crochet.

Today, I’m excited to teach you how to work a crochet braid stitch in this easy step by step and video tutorial too. It is a technique that I used recently in my Braided Blanket Crochet Ruana pattern which you can find for free on the blog.

hand holding crochet braid stitch swatch in purple yarn

About the Crochet Braid Stitch Tutorial

When I started to learn to crochet I watched countless hours of crochet tutorials and was amazed at how much I picked up from them. I recently decided to start filming some tutorials to accompany my patterns and am so glad as I had forgotten how useful they are!

The crochet braid stitch looks similar to a cable stitch and is most definitely easier than it looks, as long as you can crochet a row of long stitches you are almost there. Just add a twist in the first stitch and the rest slot in place so easily. Let me show you how to do it in this easy crochet braid tutorial.

See the video >>> Watch the video tutorial or keep scrolling for step by step details.

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pinterest pin of how to crochet a braid stitch tutorial

Braided Blanket Crochet Ruana Pattern

If you’d like to skip ahead and find the pattern that I used this technique for then you can find it here:

The Braided Blanket Crochet Ruana Pattern

crochet blanket ruana wrap worn by woman in the woods

Yarn and Materials

For the video tutorial I used West Yorkshire Spinners ReTreat yarn which is 100% wool, 140m(153yds)/100g and so lovely to work with. It’s perfect for chunky homeware that you wanted to feel soft and luxurious too.

For the crochet ruana I used Rowan Kid Classic which is a fabulous Aran weight yarn. A great alternative is Wonderfluff by WeCrochet, they both have a wonderful feel to them and create beautiful fabric.

I also used my 6mm (US J/10) crochet hook, a tapestry needle, and some scissors.

crochet hook an yarn showing crochet braid technique

Easy Crochet Braid Stitch Tutorial with Video

crochet braid stitch swatch with crochet hook and hand

Learn how to work a crochet braid stitch with this easy video tutorial from HanJan Crochet. A great crochet technique to learn for crochet blankets, garments, pillows and much more. The step by step beginner friendly video also includes details on triple treble crochet stitches too.


  1. Begin by working a row of US triple treble crochet stitches (full details of this in the video).
  2. Rotate your work so that the side of the row is facing you and select the first stitch.
  3. Using your fingers, twist the stitch so that it is crossed over itself and creates a loop at the top.
  4. Keeping the twist in place, insert your hok through the loop.
  5. Pull the next stitch through the loop you created from the stitch and tighten to secure the braid.
  6. Continue along the row by pulling the next stitch through the loop on your hook and so on.
  7. Finish the row by pulling the last stitch through the loop on your hook.
  8. Turn your work over and sew the last loop onto the back of your work to secure the entire crochet braid.


Find the full video tutorial here: Crochet Braid Stitch Video Tutorial

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crochet blanket ruana wrap worn by woman in the woods
The Braided Blanket Crochet Ruana - Free Crochet Wrap Pattern
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