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This fun granny stitch crochet bauble pattern will have you making endless colourful versions to hang on your Christmas tree this year!

Using just beginner stitches and scraps of yarn, they make the perfect little festive decoration to either keep yourself or share as gifts.

With five colour sequence options included showing how to use the same stitches for a diamond or triangle, the bauble pattern is easy to adapt to your own colour scheme and ideas too. Let’s crochet a bauble (or 5!) together!

A woman holding a basket of crocheted ornaments in front of a christmas tree.

More about this Quick Crochet Bauble Pattern

Having recently used the granny stitch for a new stocking pattern, I thought what fun it would be to use it for a simple bauble too!

I have other bauble designs that use more complex colourwork and stitches so I thought it would be great to create something really simple that even beginners could achieve.

With an easy and meditative stitch repeat you can get lost in just simply using one colour or be more adventurous and follow one of the more colourful options, or even create your own!

Starting with the Base of the bauble we work in single crochet rounds until we get the size we need. Then we begin the granny stitch section until we have the height we want.

Following that we decrease using single crochet stitches again to close the top. Can you believe that you can crochet a bauble in only 15 minutes?!

How do you crochet a bauble?

When thinking about how to crochet a bauble I always opt for the all in one, seamless method starting at the bottom and working to the top. This means that the bauble is worked in rounds so you don’t need to worry about yarn ends too much!

In terms of shaping the bauble I used a pre-formed bauble for the centre of mine but you can stuff them or use an existing bauble too.

There are lots of other ways to crochet tree decorations like these including; making two motifs and seaming them together, working from the top down in rounds and working a flat panel side to side that is then seamed.

So many options!

Christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

Sizing and Measurements

The crochet covers fit a 2.5″-3″ bauble but is easy to adjust.


To crochet the bauble I used Brava Tweed Worsted by WeCrochet which is 97% Premium Acrylic, 3% Viscose (218yds/200m/100g).

The range of coordinating colors all feature cream, coffee, and charcoal tweed flecks, and for even more color options, Brava Tweed can mix and match with Brava Worsted or Brava Speckle to create beautiful projects!

I used the following shades for my stockings: A: Wren, B: Boysenberry, C: Pumpkin Bread, D: Goldenrod, E: Stratus, F: Wasabi, G: Wreath, H: Elderberry

How much yarn do I need to crochet a bauble?

You will need approximately 90yds/85m/40g of yarn in total to crochet each bauble.

Yarn Substitutes

You can use any yarn that you like for your baubles bearing in mind that changing the yarn will change the size of your bauble! Some other great worsted weight options are:

Crocheted ornaments in a basket on a table.


Along with your yarn, you will need the following:

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Granny stitch bumble pattern.
Quick granny stitch bubbles.

Granny Stitch Bauble Video Tutorial

Join me to make a colourful version of the bauble in this step by step video tutorial. We will begin by working the base of the bauble as a circle using single crochet stitches in the back loop only. Then we work the body in the granny stitch followed by decreasing for the top using single crochet stitches again.

Pattern Gauge

Gauge is not essential for this project as long as you are using the same weight of yarn and hook.

With most projects it is essential to work a gauge swatch but for items like this bauble it wold take you longer to swatch than it would to make it!

My best advice is to try using the same hook and weight of yarn as me to begin with and then try the base.

It will become clear quite quickly if this will be a good fit for the bauble you have to cover.

If it is too big or small then you can adjust your hook size or perhaps try another yarn.

If you are stuffing your bauble then you don’t need to worry at all. As long as you are happy with the size of your bauble then that’s great!

Glossary and Abbreviations

beg – beginning

ch(s) – chain(s)

st(s) – stitch(es)

sp – space

ss – slip stitch

RS – right side

WS – wrong side

rep – repeat

yoh – yarn over hook

blo – back loop only

flo – front loop only


The pattern uses the following crochet stitches:

sc – single crochet (UK dc – double crochet)

dc – double crochet (UK tr – treble crochet)

Christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

Special Stitches

Stacked Double Crochet

A stacked double crochet is a great alternative to a turning chain that stacks 2 single crochet stitches on top of each other to reach the height of a double crochet.

Customising your crochet baubles

Colour Options – the pattern is written without colour changes but I have also included written changes in the blog post for 5 different colour options as shown (picture charts are also available in the premium PDF version of the pattern).

I had great fun adding a diamond and triangle pattern to my baubles. There are so many other ideas you could do too!

If you would like to make your bauble bigger then you can simply continue increasing the Base until it measures the size you would like.

You can then complete the Granny Stitch Section in the same way.

The Top of your bauble will then need to decrease to match the Base of your bauble following the same sequence as the written pattern.

Crochet christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

The Base and Top of the bauble is worked are continuous Rounds.

The Granny Stitch section is worked in joined Rounds.

Work any colour changes on the last yarn over and pull through the stitch before you need the new colour.

You can work either a stacked dc or a ch3 at the beginning of the Granny Stitch Rounds.

The pattern is written in US terms.

Crocheted balls in a basket on a table.

Using your chosen colours

The colour placement for my baubles was very organic and so I would encourage you to work in the same way with yours!

However, if you would like to follow the same sequence and balance as I have here, then you’ll find the order I used them in the written pattern.

If choosing and planning colours is something you’d like to know more about then I’d love for you to join my Using Colour In Crochet Course – it’s designed to give you all the tools you need to choose and combine the perfect colours for every project you make!

Changing Yarn Colour During a Round

If you are working coloured versions of the baubles then you will find written changes after the written pattern.

There are a few key steps to follow to make sure your colour changes are as neat as possible. These are all covered in the supporting video tutorial so make sure to watch that too.

  1. Always change your yarn to the new colour on the last yarn over and pull through of the stitch before.
  2. Carry your yarn gently across the back of the groups of 3dc to create a ‘float’ at the back of your work.
  3. It is important not to have these floats too tight or too loose to make sure your work is as neat and even as possible.

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Crocheted ornaments in a basket on a table.

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A collection of festive crochet patterns.
Crocheted christmas ornaments on a christmas tree.

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Quick Crochet Bauble Pattern Free for Blog Subscribers to View

US Terminology

The pattern is written for a single colour version without colour changes. If you are using multiple colours scroll down for written colour changes. Charts can be found in the premium PDF pattern.


Using chosen colour, make a Magic Ring to begin.

Round 1: 6sc into the Magic Ring [6] working in continuous Rounds.

Round 2: 2sc in blo of each st around. [12]

Round 3: *2sc in blo of next st, sc in blo of next st; rep from * around. [18]

Round 4: *2sc in blo of next st, sc in blo of next 2 sts; rep from * around. [24]

Round 5: *2sc in blo of next st, sc in blo of next 3 sts; rep from * around, ss in 1st st to join. [30]

Continue for Granny Stitch Section, changing colour if required.

Granny Stitch Section

Make sure to follow colour charts and written pattern for alternative colour sequences.

Round 1: stacked dc in same st, dc in each st around, ss into 1st st to join. [30]

Round 2: ss into space between first and second st of the round, (stacked dc, 2dc) in the space, skip next 3 sts, *3dc in space before next st, skip next 3 sts; rep from * around, ss in 1st to join. [10 groups of 3dc]

Round 3: ss in next 2 sts, ss into space between the first 2 groups of 3dc of the round, (stacked dc, 2dc) in the space, skip next 3 sts, *3dc in space before next st, skip next 3 sts; rep from * around, ss in 1st to join.

Rounds 4-5: Rep Round 3.


Change colour if required.

Round 1: ch1, sc in each st around [30] working in continuous Rounds.

Insert bauble at this point before continuing.

Round 2: *sc2tog in blo, sc in blo of next 3 sts; rep from * around. [24]

Round 3: *sc2tog in blo, sc in blo of next 2 sts; rep from * around. [18]

Round 4: *sc2tog in blo, sc in blo of next st; rep from * around. [12]

Optional final Round: if your bauble has a top fastening you may not need to work the following Round.

Round 5: *sc2tog in blo; rep from * around. [6]

Break yarn and weave in ends.

Add your desired hanging ribbon or twine to your bauble to complete.

Written Colour Changes for Colourful Baubles

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Here are the written colour changes for each of the baubles I made. Each group of 3dc is referred to by a single letter e.g. A = 3dc in A for the Granny Stitch Section.

B: Boysenberry, C: Pumpkin Bread, D: Goldenrod, E: Stratus, F: Wasabi, G: Wreath, H: Elderberry

Crochet christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

Bauble 1

Using yarn E and G:

Base: All in E

Granny Stitch Section:

Round 1: All in E

Round 2: *E, G; rep from * around

Round 3: All in G

Round 4: *G, E; rep from * around

Round 5: All in E

Top: All in E

Decked out in a vibrant assortment of crochet bauble patterns, a Christmas tree comes to life with enchantment.

Bauble 2

Using yarn E, F, G and H:

Base: All in E

Granny Stitch Section:

Round 1: *E, F; rep from * around

Round 2: All in F

Round 3: *F, G; rep from * around

Round 4: All in G

Round 5: *G, H; rep from * around

Top: All in H

Christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

Bauble 3

Using yarn B, C, D and E:

Base: All in B

Granny Stitch Section:

Round 1: *B, C; rep from * around

Round 2: All in C

Round 3: *C, D; rep from * around

Round 4: All in D

Round 5: *D, E; rep from * around

Top: All in E

Christmas ornaments hanging on a christmas tree.

Bauble 4

Using yarn A and B:

Base: All in A

Granny Stitch Section:

Round 1: All in A

Round 2: All in B

Round 3: All in A

Round 4: All in B

Round 5: All in A

Top: All in A

Crocheted christmas ornaments on a christmas tree.

Bauble 5

Using yarn A and C:

Base: All in C

Granny Stitch Section:

Round 1: *4C, 1A; rep from * around

Round 2: *3C, 2A; rep from * around

Round 3: *2C, 3A; rep from * around

Round 4: *1C, 4A; rep from * around

Round 5: All in A

Top: All in C

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