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Stash Buster Challenge – How to use up your yarn stash with free crochet and knitting patterns.

This week sees the third instalment of the Stash Buster Challenge (#sbchallenge) and I’m so happy to say I’m involved again with another free pattern! Do you have a huge yarn stash you are hanging onto for just the right project to pop up for? I know I do! A big yarn stash has never been such a cool thing to possess (that’s what I’m telling my husband anyway) because now is the time to dive into it. Get that treasure trove out and enjoy every calming moment that crochet and craft bring is what I say. Yarn bomb your house! Yarn bomb your family! Yarn bomb your life! Because if it makes you happy, then that’s my job done.

The amazing Janne and Hortense from Joy of Motion and Knitting with Chopsticks came up with the concept of the Stash Busting Challenge I’m so happy to be involved!

A whole host of designers have come together to offer you a huge collection of FREE crochet PDF patterns to start making a dent into that yarn stash you have squirrelled away. We all have one that we were slightly embarrassed about but now you can be proud of it!

How Does It Work?

The Stash Busting Challenge is brought to you by some fantastic designers for the full month of April. A ton of designers are coming together to bring you a new set of free PDF patterns each week. The pattern sets will be updated each week at midnight EST each Wednesday. This means that on Tuesday 11:59 PM EST each week the previous weeks patterns will no longer be free. So don’t miss out! 

If you want to get updated each week when the new set goes live, sign up for my newsletter (you’ll also get a free PDF of one of most popular patterns!)

How Do I Get The Free PDF Patterns?

Stash Busting Challenge How It Works

Each week I’ll add the full list of free patterns available here (you can also sign up to my mailing list to make it easier if you like). Each pattern will be linked to the designers blog post about their pattern. You just need to find the ‘DOWNLOAD THIS FREE PDF PATTERN’ button in the post and click on it. You will be taken to Ravelry where you just use the magic code ‘SBCHALLENGE’ to receive the pattern for free.

You can download as many of the patterns as you like during the week that they will be free for!

This is the button that you’re looking for in each of the blog posts:

Download Pattern Button 1 2

Is That All There Is To It?

Absolutely, you just find the button, use the code and the pattern is yours. We are trying to help as many people as we can by giving patterns or you to enjoy.

We hope that it will also help people discover new designers, blogs and a new crafting community which is more important than ever at the moment.

Make sure you share using #sbchallenge on social media so that we can enjoy seeing your makes and connect with you too.

The Free Patterns This Week

Without further ado, here is the awesome collection of patterns for this week:

Striped Sunglasses Pouch

SBC 3 crochet striped sunglasses pouch 9

Sunday at the Pool Coaster

SBC 3 coaster overall 8

Basketweave Baby Booties

SBC 3 RaffamusaDesigns Basketweave Baby Booties 1

Quick and Easy Earrings

SBC 3 earrings

Spring Sparkle Coasters

SBC 3 spring sparkle coaster instapost noorsknits

Knit Baby Booties

SBC 3 Crossover Baby Booties Pattern 6

Diamonds Hat

SBC 3 Diamonds Hat 1

Zipper Pouch

SBC 3 crochet zipper pouch sq 3

Team Spirit Scrunchie

SBC Team Spirit Scrunchie 2

Butterfly Cardigan

SBC 3 ButterflyCardigan

Flower Face Scrubs

SBC 3 Flower Face Scrubbies

Sideways Dishcloth

SBC 3 Sideways Dishcloth

Assorted Rose Bouquet

SBC 3 Assorted Rose Bouquet

Face Fox Brooch

SBC 3 Fox face brooch 2 1

The Classic Cowl

SBC 3 Classic Cowl 1

N Stitch Mug Cozy

SBC 3 N Stitch mug rug1

Spiral Baby Hat

SBC 3 Spiral Baby Hat

Simple Basket

SBC 3Simple basket

Honeycomb Cowl

SBC 3 honeycomb cowl

Whale Amigurumi

SBC 3 Whale Amigurumi 1

Short and Chunky Fingerless Gloves

SBC 3 pams short and chunky gloves lots of gloves

Easy AF Crochet Headband

SBC 3 Easy AF Headband

Venus’s Looking Glass Motif


Somerside Dishcloth

SBC 3 SomersideDishcloth

Diamond Bobble Scrubby

SBC 3 Diamond Bobble Scrubby 1

Reusable Crochet Ear Protector

SBC 3 reusable crochet ear protector pattern2

Spring Modern Granny Infinity Scarf

SBC 3 Modern Granny Scarf 2

Tunisian Mug Rug

SBC 3 Tunisian Mug Rug 1

Florabelle Fingerless Gloves

SBC 3 Forabelle Fingerless Gloves rotated

Easy Boho Evening Purse

SBC 3 KIngEye Fringed Friend Boho Bag

Arwena Ear Warmer

Arewa Ear Warmer

How amazing are these patterns? Thank you to every designer who participated and to Joy of Motion and Knitting with Chopsticks for starting this challenge!

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter to be notified when next weeks free PDF patterns are posted and that they are only free for a week!

Stash Buster Challenge Week 3 1