A collage of six women wearing crochet tops and dresses in various settings. The outfits range from casual tops to elegant dresses, showcasing different crochet patterns and colors.
A promotional image with text: "THE SEASON'S COLLECTION" and "be the talk of the ton" on a white background with a splash of gold glitter in the top left corner.

It’s time to be the talk of the crochet ton!

Three women in white or cream outfits wearing hats, standing in different indoor settings, with various poses. One wears a white blouse, another a cream dress, and the third a crocheted top.

Are you ready to join us for the crochet along of the season?

Delicate lace, effortless garments and exquisite accessories await. Designed just for you; one might call it The Season’s Collection.

1. We have a sophisticated yet fun take on summer crochet that you’ll love!

2. Comprehensive step-by-step patterns + video tutorials for making these stunning lightweight garments and accessories.

3. Exclusive discount on the yarn just for joining.

Briana, Hannah and Michelle are here again with another amazing event!

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Various crochet patterns displayed on digital devices and print materials, including cardigans, tops, and accessories with step-by-step instructions and images.

When Is The Season’s Collection Crochet Along Happening?

June 4th

● Free sign-up and The Season’s Collection VIP Tickets are available!
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Early access to the VIP Experience with the Collection + extras. Get started at your pace.

June 4th

Early access to the VIP Experience with the Collection + extras. Get started at your pace.

June 12th

Join us Live with WeCrochet & chat all things yarn and ask any questions.
We will all be live with our favorite summer tipples in hand to enjoy time with you.
12:30 pm EST – YouTube & Facebook then on our channels too shorty after for more tea and crochet gossip!

We officially begin the Crochet Along Event with free to view patterns available on our blogs.
Work at your own pace alongside the most kind crafters in the world.
Jump into any of our community groups to share yarn colors, ask questions,
and of course show off those glorious projects!

What we will make during the Crochet Along

Viscountess V Neck Sweater

A person standing indoors, wearing a pink crochet sweater with the hood up and smiling.

The epitome of relaxed sophistication, this V neck sweater can have any length of sleeves you like and even a hood too.

Woman in a beige crochet dress stands in front of a white door with brick accents, posing for the camera.

Penelope Dress and Top

A woman stands indoors wearing a light blue crochet top and white pants. She has her right hand on her hip and smiles at the camera.

Understated elegance shines through with this stunning lace top and dress that can be any length you like!

A woman with long dark hair stands indoors next to potted plants, wearing a beige dress and a white crocheted cardigan, smiling at the camera.

The Regency Cardigan

A woman with long dark hair standing indoors, wearing a crochet cardigan over a black top and denim shorts. She is smiling and has one hand in her hair. There are potted plants around her.

A luxurious yet easy style awaits you with this gloriously delicate cardigan perfect for adorning any outfit.

Woman with long dark hair wears a beige crochet top, matching hat, and light blue jeans. She stands in front of indoor plants and smiles at the camera.

Wallflower Granny Hat

Five crocheted hats in varying colors (brown, cream, teal, light pink, and dark pink) are arranged neatly in a row. A leafy green plant is visible on the left side of the image.

Bang on trend and in sizes for all the family, this cute granny stitch bucket hat is just the thing this summer.

A woman with medium-length, wavy hair wears a blue lace headband and a white blouse. She is looking down, standing in front of a door with circular designs on the glass panels.

Eloise Headband, Scarf and Tie

A person wearing a white blouse and jeans adjusts their beige hat with lace decorations in front of a white door.

Elevate your style with a simple piece of lace – be it headband, belt, scarf or tie it’s sure to make you shine.

A person is crocheting with beige yarn next to a crocheted envelope-style bag, a pair of scissors, a crochet hook, and crochet tools on a white surface, with white flowers in the background.

The Danbury Rectangle Bag

A woman in a cream dress smiles while holding a blue, white, and beige striped woven bag in a room with plants.

Simplicity at it’s best, get ready for summer adventures with this fabulously chic bag!

All six patterns have numerous options to make sure you are the belle of the ball in your own unique style!

This Crochet Along
is all about discovering your own sparkle and shine!

Do you always crochet for others and never for yourself?

Do you wish you had more confidence to make and wear your crochet?

We are here for you! This crochet along is relaxed, beginner friendly and together we can create stunning garments and accessories for every occasion. (Whether it be worn to the beach or a ball, we have something for everyone this Season!).

A ball of yarn and a knitting needle on a white background.


Pick any of the patterns that you fancy (or all of them!) and create your own versions with all the amazing colour options and styles on offer.

Relish the process, enjoy your time, relax while you make.

Outlined icon of a lightbulb with rays emanating from it, symbolizing an idea or illumination.


Discover all the techniques we use from top down garments to amazing geometric bags. We share all of our knowledge and skills in our step by step videos.

Achieve the crochet you only dream of.

Black and white illustration of a red carpet walkway flanked by crowd control stanchions and ropes.


After the making is done it’s time to go to that ball, take that promenade, relax on the beach – whatever you have planned you are sure to look and feel amazing.

Admire your awesomeness, enjoy as you sparkle and shine!

Plus, Get These Digital Bonuses Instantly with your VIP ticket…

exclusive CAL PRInTABLES

Three digital devices displaying a project planner, row counter, and Bridgerton Bingo. Text on the left lists "BONUS CAL SHEETS!" with items: Project planner, Printable care tags, Row/Round counter, Bridgerton Bingo.
  • Download, print and add these cute tags, planner, counter and bingo to play along for fun!

your perfect fit guidebook

Cover of "The Perfect Fit Guidebook" by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs, showcasing pages with crochet garment instructions and measuring guidelines on a pink and white background.
  • Know your measurements, understand ease and create amazing wearables that you are proud of!

lightweight and luxury yarn guide

Image depicting the "Hanjan Crochet Guide," a 14-page printable PDF on working with lightweight and luxury yarns. Displayed on a tablet, phone, and several printed pages with a luxury yarn planner.
  • Get ready to gain confidence and skills in fine and luxury yarns with these tips and tricks.
A black and white heart icon in a circle.

Join a supportive community of fellow crocheters where you can share your progress, tips, and inspirations.

A light bulb icon on a black background.

Create beautiful lightweight garments and accessories that you’ll love to wear!

A black and white speech bubble icon in a circle.

Expand your crochet skills by learning new stitches, techniques and methods with a community.

Dearest Crochet Reader,

It is a fact universally acknowledged that crocheting together is far more fun than on your own! Whilst we may be oceans apart we can connect, learn and grow through our love of crochet.

Muddled romantic novel references aside (although we welcome the glad timing of a certain viewing event coinciding with our event!) we would love for you to join us for this wonderful experience.

Our Season’s Collection is the perfect fit for every crocheter.

A Crochet Along, or CAL for short, is a group activity where crochets worldwide come together to work on the same projects. And what better project than any of these stunning lace and luxury inspired ones?

Three women standing outdoors, smiling. Each is wearing different clothing: the first in a red top and long denim skirt, the second in a beige dress, and the third in a white cardigan and pink dress.

Let’s Be Friends – Meet The Designers

Three photos of a woman named Hannah, wearing different outfits including a blue crochet top, a beige crochet dress, and a white blouse with a light blue headband, standing by a door in each. Text reads: "Meet Hannah - HanJan Crochet.

HanJan Crochet

Hannah enjoys weekends at Buckingham Palace, quintessential afternoon teas, and she created a delicate lace top, dress, headband, belt and tie for you.

A collage with three photos of a woman named Michelle from "MJ's Off The Hook." She is shown wearing different outfits: a white top, a pink sweater, and a beige hat with a light-colored top.

MJ’s Off The Hook

Michelle loves time in the mountains, her favorite festive drink is peppermint hot chocolate, and she has created a stunning lightweight top, hoodie and quick and easy hat too!

Three images featuring crochet projects: one shows hands crocheting, another shows a woman holding a crochet bag, and the third displays different yarns. Text above reads "Meet Briana" and "Briana K Designs.

Briana K Designs

Briana loves Disney weekends, her favorite drink is an Aviation, and she has designed a beautifully light cardigan and fun geometric bag for you.

Join us for our crochet along of the Season to create, learn and adorn with delicate stitches!

2 Ways To Participate In The Crochet Along

Free for Subscribers

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  • Individual premium PDF patterns will be available once the crochet along begins.

VIP Paid Version

Get all of the PDF patterns and much, much more with lifetime access!

  • Downloadable Ad-Free PDF’s for all 6 patterns (value $48)
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  • Access to Community Group and Lives.
  • Bonus Exclusive Tags – (value $6)
  • Bonus Luxury and Lightweight Yarn Guide – (value $10)
  • Bonus The Perfect Fit Guide (value $10)

Total value = $74

save over 50% today!

A collection of digital devices displaying various crochet patterns, tutorials, and inspirations, featuring images of yarn, finished crochet projects, and instructional text.

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