Dave and I married on September 28th 2013 and I was given full permission to ‘yarn bomb’ the wedding!!
We decided against a real theme and instead went for having everything and everyone we love all together being the most important aspects of the day.
After much demand I have finally had the chance to pop the photos on here for everyone to see…..hope you like them!
At some point I plan to make some ‘how – to’ tutorials for the things we made…..the bouquets, the buttonholes, the cake, the table decorations, the bunting, the invitations, order of services and much more so watch this space!

Our fabulous photography was by the very talented Tom Smith Photography



I made my own bouquet, 3 adult bridesmaids, 2 willow hearts for the flower girls, 7 buttonholes and a corsage for my Mums purse – lots and lots of flowers!

My bouquet had cream and white crochet roses all embellished with a button or bead from my Grandmothers collection, it had music manuscript flowers, family heirloom brooches and more. It was the item that took the longest and typically I left it until last as I wanted to make sure I had finished the others first! It was worth every second though and is a fantastic lasting memory of the day.



The cake was a joint effort between my Mum and I. Mum makes the most amazing fruit cake (plenty of booze is the secret she tells me!) so she made us 3 tiers and we decided that we would ice and decorate it ourselves – possibly the most stressful part of the wedding!

Mum and Dad live quite a way from us so the only way to do it was for them to bring the cake with them when they came in advance of the wedding and for us to ice and decorate it 2 nights before the wedding. Neither of us had ever iced such a large or important cake before but after a few scary near misses we managed it really well. All that was left to do was to fit the crochet lace cuffs and top flower piece and we were done. Well almost done, it just had to get to the reception from there….which it did without any problems!



We had a fantastic find on the day I went shopping for my dress – all of the stationery that we used for the wedding for under £25! (By the way, I gave I trying to find a dress in shops and went online instead, much easier). We bought 5 boxes of what was meant to be ‘save the date’ and invitations and that was all we needed for everything in the end. We made invitations, menu cards, name cards, thank you cards, announcements and much more with them. They were all printed off at home and we were so pleased with the result. I think the most expensive part was the postage!


Reception Details

The reception venue staff were amazing – we could literally do what we wanted to decorate. We added little touches like the crochet cuffs around the candelabras, each napkin was shaped into a bow, wrapped with ribbon and secured with a vintage button and the sweetie jars on the pudding table even had crochet lace and ribbons on too. I wasn’t keen on a printed table plan so I used a massive mirror we had at home and a chinograph pen to write the names on with, it looked great and was so easy to shuffle people around when we had a last minute cancellation!



The bunting was the thing we kept most secret from everyone – we wanted it to tell the story of us as a couple. We included lace and soft fabrics (for my crafty side), pages of classical music (the stuff I love to sing), vintage maps of all the places we have lived and where our families are from, Dave’s old flying maps from his RAF days and his academic papers (he’s studying for a PhD now). There was over 90 metres of the bunting which we made into a canopy for the room and it was such a fantastic statement about us as a couple. People spent the whole meal looking up at it!