Elsie’s Spring Time Crochet Hood: New HanJan Pattern

The wonderful Elsie is growing up fast! This time she’s got a cute crochet hood in Kiss by Bessie May Smile. In 5 sizes from baby to adult this easy to make hood is a perfect treat or gift that … Continued

Super Soft Circle Bobble Crochet Rug featured in Simply Crochet!

So I’ve finally got around to launching my Super Soft Circle Bobble Crochet Rug that was featured last year in Simply Crochet Issue 13! Here come the details….. This fabulous rug is all about the textures – it uses the … Continued

Crochet Winter Bobble Boot Cuffs by HanJan Crochet

Another pattern to launch today – a great pair of Bobble Boot Cuffs for this chilly weather we’re having! We spent the weekend in the beautiful Peak District in a wonderful cottage with friends and managed to brave the snow … Continued

Green and Gold Triangle Scarf: New Pattern!

  A new and exciting pattern from HanJan today! The Green and Gold Triangle Scarf is launched at last!     THE SCARF: This luxurious triangle scarf wrap may look tricky but you’ll have it made in no time! A … Continued

How to Make Jeans Yarn: A Free Video Tutorial

A while ago the lovely team at Simply Crochet Magazine asked me to design a bag for them – from a pair of old jeans….. What I came up with was a cute clutch bag from Dave’s old decorating jeans … Continued

Crochet Snowflakes for the Bath Babies at Christmas

  We have been busy little bees at The Princess Anne Wing in Bath this Christmas! So many babies! And every one got their very own crochet snowflake to hang on the tree and a cute little crochet wrap to … Continued

Free Snowflake Crochet Pattern from HanJan

A cute little crochet snowflake pattern from HanJan today! I also work in a Maternity Unit and the staff have decided to make a gift for each baby born over the holidays this year…..and so starts project snowflake! We plan … Continued

New Pattern from HanJan: Warm and Cosy Mustard Mitts – Crochet Gloves Pattern

An exciting new pattern to share with you all today – some lovely and warm winter mitts! Get set for a chilly winter with these versatile and on trend mitts! Made from soft 4ply yarn, the soft ribbing and texture … Continued

HanJan Crochet in Simply Crochet Magazine Issue 25 – Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat….. Well maybe not, but it’s definitely time to grab your copy of Simply Crochet and make some jewel inspired Christmas crochet decorations! What do you think?!