Hannah Cross HanJan Crochet Designer

Hi, I ‘m Hannah – a midwife by day (and night..) that has somehow happened upon the most exciting adventure – becoming a crochet designer.

It all started a few years ago when I needed knee surgery (too much running – that will teach me..) and wasn’t able to walk for about 6 weeks. I had always been crafty as a youngster and my Mum is an absolute inspiration – she can make anything, and I mean anything. Even if she’s never tried things before, she just seems to know how to go about it. So after a mammoth week long cross stitch session I asked her to teach me to crochet and I haven’t stopped since!

I began to realise that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stick to a pattern – I would change the border on a blanket, the edge of a hat, the petals of a flower…and before I knew it, I was designing my own patterns. It is the best move I ever made! We had a really busy year and relocated to Bath, UK and once we had settled I realised that I wanted to get my patterns out there and so I started HanJan!

The last few years have been amazing – I have built up my stores on Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry and have been so lucky as to work with Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes Magazines and have lots of other commissions coming up soon so watch this space…

My focus for HanJan is to carry on building up my blog profile and engage with more lovely craft people – I have started a Facebook album of all the great pictures I can find online of my patterns made by other people. I just love to see how they are all so different!